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Mindfulness is a state of being with the present moment

At Mindful Performance Consulting individuals can choose between two programs in order to build the foundations of mindfulness in order to enhance performance. Younger individuals begin learning about the four pillars offered at Mindful Performance Consulting. These pillars are the breath, awareness, attention, and compassion. Once completed the individuals can progress into the more advanced mindfulness program; where the individual will learn different mindfulness meditations to help regulation emotions and attention in order to enter a flow state.


Mindfulness Foundations

I. The Breath

II. Attention

III. Awareness

IV. Compassion

First Steps Mindfulness 

Four Week Program

Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement
(4 to 10 Weeks)
elite  Mindfulness


Attention Regulation

Emotional Regulation


FAME Profile


Four assessments that measure Flow, Anxiety, Mindfulness, and Emotional Regulation will administered in order to build a mindfulness profile for the student or team. This profile will be administered before and after completion of the MSPE program.

Individual/team Assessment  
1-on-1 Consultation


Each 50-minute session will bring the client and Dr. Hood together in order to establish or enhance his or her mental approach to sport. He sees clients 15 years of age and older. The first session Dr. Hood spends alone with the client unless the client is more comfortable with a parent joining. Please reach out for specific information about pricing for 1-on-1 sessions.


Team and Group Training


Dr. Hood brings a unique program to athletic teams and groups. The Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement program takes the team on a mindfulness journey from sitting meditations to a sport specific meditation as well as discussions about power of expectations, letting go of attachments and achieving through non-striving in sport. This program is very flexible in which the team decides between 4 and 10 weeks. Along with the educational portion of the program, Dr. Hood will add an extra layer by observing training sessions or games. 




Dr. Hood appreciates opportunities to speak on topics such as elite mindset, the Triangle of Well-Being, mental skills development, transitions in sport, injury recovery, mindfulness, improving communication, and team building in high school and college athletics.

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